Just found my online diary? really?........... seriously? you should surf more. Your a bit late comming to the party as this ones over. ie, the fat lady has sung. Below, as you can see, is my final statement. But feel free to have a nose around.

     This is my diary record of the past four years (2011-2015) knocking around Europe. Two of those four in a caravan and the remaining two in a motorhome.

   I'm in the process  of turning this into four books which you will be avaibale to down load for free.

    The first, called Incontinent? not us!, is finnished. You can download that now: see over. The second, Incontinent ll, the dribble, is almost complete.

    27th March 2015  

    My final entry, for the moment at least. But rest assured I'm not giving up on my dairy, I've got plans for it. Hard to believe I've churned this stuff out for four years. I've averaged 650 words a day. That's just shy of a million words. I never knew I had that much to say. (Believe me, I did. Ed)

    So how am I going to sum up those four years? The answer, simple, I can't., not a hope in hell. You'll have to read my diary if the fancy takes you.

    I've been asked several times, 'Of the near thirty countries you've visited which would I live in?'. For all the reasons I've highlighted over the last four years, none of which I'll go into again, I'd choose Spain. Wonderful country and charming people. Hazel summed it up better that I the other day. The most beautiful place, I think, was the Italian Tirol. It's stunning.


There's somewhere better?

    I've said a bunch of stuff over the last 196 weeks. Some of it controversial, some of it interesting, some of it amusing, some of it entertaining and some of it a load of old guff but I've never set out to preach, if it's sounded as though I have it was by accident not design. I'm just passionate about some things. However I do have a personal philosophy so I'll make no apology for preaching now, and I kinda think it sums me up to.

    Mankind's future, in my book, is not assured, especially if it continues to hide behind politics and religion. They appeal to those who want certainty in a world where there's little. Both, by their natures, seek to control us. Religion attempts this by using ancient contradictory doctrines and teachings best suited to a time long ago when the world was quite a different place. Religion has failed to evolve. It can't adapt in the light of scientific evidence, modern thinking or new discoveries. The answers it has, are to questions we know the answers to. It still offers forgiveness and salvation but only from the guilt it first instils. As a carrot though, it offers us a deal on an afterlife.

    Politics, which pre-dates religion, offers us quick, simple, knee jerk, sound bite remedies to the complex issues which concern us all. And thereby stops us calling for real meaningful democratic changes. Politics and religion's greatest tool is their ability to divide us, and then sub divide us into a myriad of groups, factions and sects. It's a skill they've perfected over time. But I've always believed only those that want to be led, follow. We can make our own way.

    Most of us forget we're all born into one family, the Human race. You're a humanist before you're anything else. We're all born good, no child is born evil. Goodness is our default position. Nature sees to that. It has to, to ensure human survival.

    If we worked together there would be no illnesses we couldn't cure. No mouth we couldn't feed. No lives valued less than any other. No wrong that couldn't be set right. No causes only wars could settle, and no intolerance or injustice left unanswered.

    Cynics will tell you it's a dream, but better that than the alternative we have now.

    I'm ever aware we're all on a single journey. None of us have a return ticket. Perhaps we'll get to ride this planet eighty times around the Sun. So I believe it's our duty to befriend our fellow travellers and treat them all with respect, compassion and tolerance, anything less, and we've probably not made the best of travelling companions. It's that, that makes for a better world. Wow... some heavy stuff there.

    So I'll leave you with this daunting statistic. I've calculated that in the last one hundred and ninety six weeks Haze and I have consumed 1400 bottles of wine. That's approximately 215 gallons or, assuming the average bath holds 40 gallons, just over five bath full,s. Amazingly, the irony of that fact is that I still feel fucking sober.........

    And remember this, if nothing else: The greatest gift nature bestowed on humanity is our sense of humour, it transcends every other emotion and can unite a room full of total strangers in an instant.


    Love and piece to you all and thanks for reading..........



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