WARNING: Should you have any strong religious or political leanings, think Nigel Farage is our saviour, (or any politician for that matter), or you suffer from homophobia or  Xenophobia, or are offended by the  occasional use of anglo saxon swear words or generally don't know what the fucks going on half the time, then it's safe to say this ain't the web site for you. Reading it will only keep you awake at night. It's safe to say that while I've made every attempt to offend no-one..... I failed.





    Ask the next ten people you meet what they'd do if they won the lottery, and I'd venture to suggest that once they've ticked off buying a big house and a flash motor, travel will be next on their list. Most see travel as a combination of several adjectives, exciting, romantic, mystical, educational, relaxing, and adventurous

    (That's just six. Ed). Shush!   For proof, if proof were needed, the excitement of travel starts the minute we pack our diarrhoea tablets and heads off on our annual summer vacation.

    Four years ago Hazel and I in response to a mid life crisis which surprisingly doesn’t come anywhere near your 35th birthday, and her pending retirement from nursing, discussed our options. The conversation quickly turned to our long held dreams of travel and adventure. However, since neither of us did the lottery tickets we could pretty much rule out Camelot as a sponsor, so we looked at other ways it could be financed. The answer we arrived at, two bottles of wine later, was that if we wanted to see the world we had better start picking numbers. However, if we're content with the fifty countries within Europe, and yes there are that many, then maybe there was a way. After a few scribbled calculations and a little web surfing we came up with some figures which suggested it could be done on the cheap!

    (He means on a Budget. Ed) No,  I definitely mean cheap.

    This website is my diary, and documents our four year adventure  living in a caravan and travelling around Europe. I should point out......

    (Warn might be better word. Ed)

…...this book is as much about how I, something of a suare peg, fits into this crazy world. I'm convinced I was dropped on my head as a baby because that would explain a lot. You'll appreciate that comment later if you read the Diary. Safe to say, by the last page you either love me or loath me. Having said that I promise you’ll find this packed full of really useful advice, handy hints, and helpful tips and catalogues our european adventures and the odd disaster.

    The list of countries we are hoping to wade through are: Andorra, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Morocco, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the Ukraine. Whether we get to them all, remains to be seen.

    On this journey we've no idea who we'll meet or where we'll end up. Nor what we'll do on our return, or even if we will return, but to be honest who gives a bugger! I know don't. Like most people we plan our lives, or at least that part of our lives we can actually plan, to a staggering degree. Would any of us do tomorrow what we'd planned if we suddenly discovered it was going to be our last? 

    Of course not............. we'd all be too busy panicking.



The uncertainty of what tomorrow shall bring,

is the adventure we all should seek......


Every great Journey starts with the first step.....


It's not the arriving, it's the getting there.....


A man of vision is not a person who can see into the future,

but one who understands today.......... (That ones mine)


(Stop already, you're scaring people, Ed)?


My first years web diary is now an exciting book called  InncontinentI who us? The second, on the way, called  Incontinent II, the dribble. is being crafted as we speak.  I can't wait to read it and I wrote it. The first is available on Amazon, check out the link on the left.