Now just in case you've read none of my books or this web diary, this is now it all started back in 2011....


    Ask the next ten people you meet how they'd spend their lottery winnings, and I'll bet once they'd ticked off buying a new washing machine, which according to Camelot is the first thing winners actually do buy, then a house an a car, travel will be next on their list. Most see travel as a combination of several adjectives: exciting, romantic, mystical, educational, relaxing, and adventurous

(That's just six. Ed). Shush!

For proof, if proof were needed, the excitement of travel starts the minute we pack our diarrhoea tablets and head off on our annual summer vacation.

    Two years ago my wife and I, in response to a mid life crisis which unsurprisingly didn't come anywhere near our 35th birthdays and her pending retirement from nursing, discussed our options. The conversation quickly centred on travel and adventure. However since we didn't buy lottery tickets we could rule out Camelot as a sponsor. So we looked for other ways a possible adventure could be financed. It quickly became apparent that if we wanted to see the World we'd better start picking numbers. However..... if we could make do with the fifty countries in Europe, and yes there really are that many, and a caravan, then maybe there was a way. After a few scribbled calculations I came up with some figures which suggested it could be done on the cheap!

    (He means on a Budget. Ed)

    No... .. I definitely mean cheap.

    Well that's how it started in 2011. We've been on the road for seven years. Visited 34 European countires. Been as far north as the arctic circle and as far down to Africa and morocco. And it's been an amazing adeventure. This wed site is all about our travels. It has spawned, so far, three books, Available via Amazon. 

    For those interested in the practicalities of our adventure you'll find all three books full of adventurous advice, handy hints and top tips especially for the novice. We’d not owned a caravan when we started out, so the pitfalls were many and the learning curve steep and at times expensive.

On our journey we'd no idea who we'd meet, where we'd end up, where we were actually going nor what we'd do when we got there, but to be honest, who gives a bugger! I know I don't. Like most I plan my life, or at least that part of it I can actually plan, to a staggering degree. And yet, would I do tomorrow what I’d planned if I discovered it was going to be my last? Of course not, I’d be too busy panicking.

    And finally, while it's safe to say I've made every attempt to offend nobody in any of my books, I failed miserably. In fact, who I’ve manage to offend over the last four years makes for an impressive list. But I take comfort from the fact that all the people I have met through my web diary and my pervious books have all been jolly nice people. Nobody has wanted to punch me on the nose.