Hello and welcome.    

    If you have just stumbled across this web site, seriously, you should google more. To make sense of it all check out the Phil 'n' Hazel's adventures  link on the left. 

    Okay, for the tens of thousands, and there really has been that many - check out the page counter below - that have been coming here off and on these past six years deliberately rather than accidentally, let me thank you. If you hadn’t kept checking in to see what we were up to I would have quit my meanderings years ago and found something more constructive to do. As it is I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing this and receiving all the feed back and questions it generated. The real unexpected benefit of the site has been all the new friends we’ve made through it. People have come along, many sane, read possibly one or two of my many rants and didn’t write me off as a nut-job. Clearly there are millions out there, in the real world, that think like me; life really shouldn’t be this hard. Many of us feel like square pegs in round holes. But apparently, that’s the norm. Tragically, if you do feel comfortable, relaxed and at peace living in the twenty first century there almost certainly something adrift in your brain. The world is geared to make us angry pretty much constantly and sadly, that anger grows with age. This because during our lives bugger all gets any better. Nothing seems to get fixed. Nothing is fairer  today than it was sixty years ago. And now we know more and so have far more to worry about.  So, humanity is as mad now as it was on the day any one of us was born which doesn’t bode well for future generations.

    This web site, and the four books it has subsequently spawned, make plain my issues, concerns and struggles with this world and the odd way it works ajainst us.

    I’m just relived there are so many others like me out there. Thanks.