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     Now just in case you've read none of my three books or seen this web diary before, this is now it all started back in 2011.

    "Ask the next ten people you meet how they'd spend their lottery winnings and I'll bet once they'd ticked off buying a new washing machine, which according to Camelot is the first thing winners actually do buy, then a house an a car, travel will be next on their list. Most see travel as a combination of several adjectives: exciting, romantic, mystical, educational, relaxing, and adventurous (That's just six. Ed). Shush! For proof, if proof were needed, the excitement of travel starts the minute we pack our diarrhoea tablets and head off on our annual summer vacation. Two years ago, my wife and I in response to a mid life crisis which unsurprisingly didn't come anywhere near our 35th birthdays and her pending retirement from nursing, discussed our options. The conversation quickly centred on travel and adventure. However, since we didn't buy lottery tickets we could rule out Camelot as a sponsor. So we looked for other ways an adventure could be financed. It quickly became apparent that if we wanted to see the World? we'd better start picking numbers. However, if we could make do with the fifty countries in Europe, and yes there really are that many, and a caravan, then maybe there was a way. After a few scribbled calculations I came up with some figures which suggested it could be done on the cheap! 

(He means on a Budget. Ed) Em no... .. I definitely mean cheap".


    Well that's how it started. We've been on the road for nine years and visited 34 European countries. We went north to within 60 miles of the arctic circle and travelled south to the top edge of Africa. East to spy Russia across a river and as far west as you can go and still be in europe. It's been an amazing adventure. This web site is about our travels. It has spawned, so far, three books, The forth and last due soon. For those interested in the practicalities of our adventure you'll find the books full of adventurous advice, handy hints and top tips especially for the novice. We’d not owned a caravan when we started out so the pitfalls were many and the learning curve steep.... and at times expensive.


    Well the original point of this web diary was so that our friends and family could check we hadn't backed the caravan, ourselves inside, off the edge of a cliff. Nor had we been sold into slavery. I wrote daily about our experiences and soon discovered I had a growing readership. My meanderings - some would say rants - touched a nerve and interested others. I started getting questions, comments and advice from people. So I expanded the site to encompass every facet of the adventure. I recorded the highs and lows. The places and people of interest. I catalogued the odd and weird, all the while anally keeping a record of what it was all costing us. Due to popular demand – a guy in a pub said I should write a book about it - I've now turned four years of diary entries into four books. Each book is an irreverent tongue in cheek look at living in something not much bigger than a bathroom for a year. They're not travel guides. In fact as travel guides go, they suck. They are about me, a quite normal bloke, struggling to fit into a world that makes little sense, and, while I have made every attempt to upset nobody, it's safe to say I've failed.