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05/07/2011 09:09
A 2009 Bailey Pageant Limosin and a chipped 2004 Kia Sorento.


21/06/2011 19:15
Well first day in Europe and I pranged the caravan!...... Pulling into out first caravan site in France I hit a metal post the owner put there, in the middle of the entrance, to urm........ well catch out caravan drivers I think.. The damage is repairable but fankly not the best start to our...

Where are we?

26/05/2011 07:00


19/01/2011 17:17
  First six months Our journey starts June 2011. Once we drop the keys off with the housing management agent we are off to Scotland for a well earned break with a couple of our closest friends. We will take a short motorcycling holiday around Scotland. Then its down to see a few other relative...

New event

23/06/2010 10:24
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