First, second and third year costs.

    I receive emails, periodically, asking me what this lifestyle costs us. Most of the enquires are from jolly nice people considering a similar life of travelling around europe and some are from people who are well, just plain nosey I guess. But I don't care, I'll tell anyone anything, which is more than what can be said for some. When I was planning this trip, four years ago, I contacted people who were already 'on the road' and asked them about their costs. I might just as well have asked about their sex life. They clammed up. Wanted to know who I was?. Who did I work for? Had I any connection with anyone working for the Scunthorpe DHSS? When I said erm No!, they told me to sling my hook and mind my own business. One's finances, much like one's sexual practices, are clearly taboo subject.
    So here is our cost overe th last three years. It would have been four but due to an adminatrive error I lost all my last years data.

    FUEL: Year one £1832, year two £1806 and last year £1830. Amazing its practically not changed in three years and yet totally different routes each time. Go figure?

    FOOD: Year one £2627, year two £2631 and last year £2812. Again hardly any difference to speak of. If you are a non-drinker you'll save a shed load of dosh on the above spending. The small increase this year coincided with a few extra pounds I've put on. Thus proving a direct correlation between what you spend on food and your waist size.

    SITE FEES: Year one £4755, year two £4448 and last year £4672, Once again hardly any difference. Almost without exception we use ACSI camp sites. Unless you wild camp you’ll not do it cheaper. If you stay longer on sites, upwards of a month, you can normally negotiate a cheaper rate.

    TOLLS and PARKING: Year one £339, year two £260 and last year £342.  As you know, I try and avoid tolls when I can, not always possible.

    ENTERTAINMENT: Year one £1136, year two £525 and last year £600. This includes eating out, the internet, entrance fees, bus fares laundry etc.

    SPARES AND REPAIRS Year one £597, year two £240 and year three £566. This includes replacement of all the Chinese crap I brought because it was cheap. I've now had to replace almost all of it. Lesson learnt.















 Second year costs in (   )

     I have received a number of emails asking me what's this all cost us?. So today I'm publishing, bit like our chancellor, my fiscal report for year ending July 2012. Figures in Brackets are for year eond july 2013. When we were planning this my costings were bases on estimates and guesses. I searched the internet but found little information on potential costings. I did contact a couple of people who had web sites, such as this, but they seemed reluctant to give me any financial info. People can be very cagey about their finances, like sex, it's all bit of a taboo subject.

None of the costings below include insurances of any kind or vehicle cost. Servicing, tax etc. It's purely what we have spent on our first year while on this trip.

So here it is: To work out daily, weekly and monthly averages just divide the number 365,12 or 52 by the cost.

    Fuel £1832

    (Fuel £1806)  for just slightly less miles 

    Covered just shy of 10K miles. The car returned on average 26mpg, Average cost per litre was £1.12. But ranged from £0.98 a litre to £1.41. (the £1.41 was UK price, it's cheaper everywhere else)

    Food £2627

   (Food £2631) that I checked three times amazingly just £4 difference. 

    This includes wine, which amounted to £285 for the year. So if your a non drinker you'll save a bit but you’ll not have any friends. It doesn't include eating out but does include all toiletries and cleaning products. We shopped in Lidl 80% of the time. Incidentally in Luxembourg, which is the riches country in the world (measured by GDP) there is no social stigma to shopping in Lidl . Germany Lux, Austria take a no nonsense approach to shopping.

    Site fees £4755

    (Site fees £4448) 

    Almost without exception we use Asci camp sites. Unless you free camp you’ll not get it much cheaper. In the main we camped a week to two at each site. If you stay longer, upwards of a month, you can negotiate a cheaper rate.

    Tolls £339

    (Tolls £260)

    There were a couple of times when I tried to avoid tolls but pulling a caravan it can work out more, as I found to my disappointment. However the good thing about using EU motorways is they have their own breakdown service. If your unlucky enough to suffer a mechanical problem, they will send out a breakdown truck to recover you. (Not free). But if you’ve on some back road your on your own in an emergency.

    Entertainment £1136

    (Entertainment £525) This supprised us both. We put it down to eating out less.

    This is a big viable, but out two biggest expenditures were: Internet (£140). Coffees out, very occasional meals out (£280). The rest is made up from entrance fees for museum etc. Bus fares and the myriad of small things you dig your hand into your pocket for without thinking.

    Spares £597.

    (Spares £240)

    This includes all those little things you didn't think you would need but then find you do. For us this included two new camping chairs (£80). The repair to the caravan heater Element (£130), The purchase of the electric cooker (£40) which was worth every penny. Gas (£70). Kettle and a portable electric heater (£35)

     Clothing £226, 

    (Clothing £130)

    There I said it would be fascinating.