BOGOF Book Offer! 

Buy two of my books and get the third completely free! 
(If it's free, it's free, what's completly free when it's at home. Ed) Shush.
Yes, just send me an old tenner (not choosey) via bank transfer or Paypal and I'll forward you them via email as Mobi or PDF files
 Email me using the link. 
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What an offer. I must be off my meds!!
Angling Times: Bugger all about fishing!
The Bourne post: It was unpickupable.
The book club; This will appear on the new york best sellers list, Somewhere at the bottom I expect.
Fuck off. What do they know?

Incontinent! Who us?

Year one.

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Incontinent! Who Us? II

(The Dribble)

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Incontinent Who Us ? III

(The flood)

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