21/06/2011 19:15

Well first day in Europe and I pranged the caravan!...... Pulling into out first caravan site in France I hit a metal post the owner put there, in the middle of the entrance, to urm........ well catch out caravan drivers I think.. The damage is repairable but fankly not the best start to our two year adventure.



And then to top it all I lost the caravan keys. I raced back to the town we last visited and  searched  where we had parked  and the shops we visited etc only to discover on my return Hazel had them in her bag............. Shes a wag!!... anything for a laugh...

We nearly never got here at all as I tried to fill my diesal with unleaded on the M11. It was only the moment I press the delivery key did I realise it was unleaded. In my defence, the handle was blue!!! and as we all know blue is...............right yeah unleaded. So I topped up with 4p of unleaded, so basically fumes then. Still the whole day was saved when I found I could buy five ltrs of red wine for 4 euros .................result, thats like 70 pence a bottle.