19/01/2011 17:17


First six months

Our journey starts June 2011. Once we drop the keys off with the housing management agent we are off to Scotland for a well earned break with a couple of our closest friends. We will take a short motorcycling holiday around Scotland.

Then its down to see a few other relative before crossing the channel and heading south, through France and into Spain and then onto Portugal. We will be there for a couple of months before returning to the UK for a wedding via Germany to visit my brother. We will visit family in the UK before crossing the channel once again and head south into France, Andorra into Spain and then onto The straits of Gib to catch a ferry to across into Africa, Morocco. Then carry on heading south through Morocco stopping.... well pretty much where we please really. We will winter in Morocco.

Above all we want to be flexiable and move when the mood takes us, the best plan is not to have one.