Sods Law

My sods law of camping abroad


1, You toilet ‘full light’ only comes on just before you climb into bed.

2, The spare bulbs you bring will never be the ones that blow.

3, No matter how secluded the pitch you opt for, someone will always park next to you.

4, Knowing the site has only 6 amps is instantly forgotten.

5, There will always be something you wished you’d brought with you.

6, If you have mosquitoes repellent, you’ll not see one, if you don’t, they’ll use you as a smorgasbord.

7, You will lose something in your caravan or motor-home that will never be seen again.

8, Any ‘spare parts’ you lug around, will never be needed.

9, Your water barrel will always run dry at night.

10, You’ll end up with at least three gizmos that will open a bottle of wine.

11, The only tool you really need is the one you didn’t bring.

12, And one from Haze. No matter how many T-shirts you bring, it’s never enough.