The End

    Haze and I have spent seven years bumming around Europe. We visited 34 countries. Longest visit was for eleven months, the shortest was for four. This was when Haze threw herself, kamikaze styee, out the van and broke her arm badly, we had to return home. Furthest north we've travelled was the Arctic circle: not as cold as it sounds and the furthest south was Africa; sure a day trip, but still counts. 

    My ramblings spawned a on-line Diary which attracted half a million views and encouraged me to write four books about our travels. It has been an education, we've loved every minute of it. But its being brought to an end thanks to Brexit. I feel sorry for the scores of people who contacted me through my books, and this web site, and said excitedly, “We’re planning to do the very same thing when we retire”. Sadly for them, and us, this magnificent European adventure is coming to an end.

    As reported by Reuters. The college of Commissioners, the EU’s cabinet, has announced that when Britain leaves the EU, British citizens will lose their European citizenship, they will become ‘Third Country nationals’. And as such, the right of free travel within the EU will end for the British. We’ll be limited to just 90 days free travel within Europe, with no right of return for a further three months. They have said "British visitors will not require visas before visiting Europe provided Britain reciprocates with EU citizens." I'll post the full details later.